Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting to know other sellers

Stacey and I have been so tied up with working on our shop we have not taken time out to get to know other Etsy sellers. I love how kind the Etsy community is, everyone is willing to help. I was initially a little skeptical about reaching out to other sellers with questions because I was unsure of the reaction that I would get. Will they ignore me? will they think I am trying to steal their tips or business from their shop? Soon after reading through the Etsy forums I immediately realized that everyone was there to help one another. It rally made me want to hang out in the forums more, to make friends, and find cool stuff!

I would say about twice a month I find myself in the mall looking for something cool/different/unique to buy. WHAT? how ridiculous does that sound! If we spend more time getting to know sellers we will come across GREAT stuff, and support one another. Next time I want something, I will think twice about going to the mall, I will check out Etsy first. I want to support as many people as I can, and having a shopping problem should make that very easy!

- Sarah


  1. Love your point of view on this. I find that if was not for all the great people i have meet and traded with i would have given up when I had weeks without a sale. Really.. the friendship with other artsy people is what keep me going.

  2. I am so glad I go into the 5 min FS room. I have met so many great people. I have many good friends and I know where to go when I want to buy certain things. I love the people on etsy. Not only are they good friends but they are a support group too. We support each other not only in sales but in our ups and downs and I really appreciate that.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are having such a good experience. Stick with it and learn all you can, as long as creating makes you happy!

    I have found wonderful support from other handmade sellers, simply through networking like Etsy chat and Twitter friends. Get in touch with me anytime :)

  4. Super great post! It's like you took out the words from my mouth. My experience with the sellers was the same, but i'm still a newbie on etsy. 1,5month old and already 3 sales. That encourages me a lot. I'm reading the storque blog everyday and try to check out the custom section too.
    I have blog, twitter, youtube, 2 shops. It really takes a lot of time, but i hope it's worth it :)