Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seller and Items of the Week!

Are you a seller?!
Do you need help spreading the word?!
Would you like to be featured from Monday to Friday on our blog?!
Then come and enter!

From now on ever weekend (Friday - Sunday) we will giving all sellers a chance to enter into our weekly seller contest! Once the winner is pick an item from their shop and link will be featured on the left column of this blog from Monday to Friday! To enter each week look for the blog post titles "Seller Of The Week (DATE)" and you will be able to enter there!


Sarah and I find ourselves swooning over different items we find on Etsy, we would end up spending thousands of dollars, eek, DAILY, if we were to buy everything, but why not give some recognition to the makers of the things we love instead? ... With that said, each week Sarah and I will each feature our favorite items that we find on Etsy, and be sure that the seller knows about it!

There is nothing like something homemade and it should be celebrated!