Monday, November 30, 2009

Follow us, Add us, Have fun with us!

Stacey and I are eager to share what we do with has many people as possible!, This is so fun and exciting!, we are working really hard to build a great network of friends to share ideas with! We have so many exciting things that we want to do on this blog, especially giveaways, however, we need followers in order to do that! in the amount of time (Under a month) that we have been at this, we are very pleased with the feedback that we have gotten and the sales that we have made :) As always, no matter what, we will be crafting our little hearts out!

You can be "in" on what we do in the following ways:

Obviously by following this blog!


Our Facebook fan page


Love and hugs,

Ann & Rose :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giveaways coming soon!

Hey guys! you better watch out, we are going to be running monthly giveaways starting December 25th. As of right now we do not have all of the details of the giveaway put together, so stay tuned and we will update you on the details and the great gift you will receive if you participate!

Friday, November 27, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS Creativty By Ann Rose!

We did it! 2 sales in 1 day and that day was Thanksgiving! What a Happy Thanksgiving it was! We are so excited! We have been working like crazy trying to get all of the kinks out! When we started this we did not realize how much work it was going to be! However, we are both finding it very fun and relaxing!

New Items posted this week: 2 Cell Phone Charms, and 2 Necklaces!

Highlights from last week!:

Lots more to come!

We would love suggestions!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There is nothing like something hommade!

No I am not talking about food! I am talking about handcrafted art!

Let me give you a little background! Creativity By Ann Rose has 2 people behind it, My sister Stacey and I (I'm Sarah :) ) Stacey will be blogging frequently as well! We are two very busy people, that Ironically had the same idea at the same time! We are both in college, and Stacey travels often, it just so happened that one day we were talking we both expressed an interest in making jewelery! In fact, in the same time period we both went out and bought supplies for jewelry making and did not even know it! Soon after, Stacey suggested that we sell our work!, So here we are about 3 months later, all geared up and ready to go with an Account to sell our stuff! EXCITING! we are both working very hard to get some sales, we are eager to figure out what we are doing wrong, what we are doing right, and what could use a little improvement! the beginning is going to be a huge learning process!

Some of the very best gifts to receive are ones that are homemade, remember when you are little and every time you make something for someone they go on and on about how wonderful it is that you gave them something homemade and how they would rather something homemade then bought? Come on, everyone has gotten that speech, I mean, I once gave my mom a picture of Minnie Mouse, she was TRULY thrilled about it, I could see it in her face, even though she didn't realize it was Minnie Mouse due to my adolescent drawing skills and had it hung on the wall upside-down for years! The point is, when you gift something homemade, even if it is something that you bought that is homemade, both you, and the receiver, will appreciate the gift much more because you can actually picture a person doing the work, rather then a machine.

As of right now we have posted some lovely jewelery, and as of right now all the credit goes to Stacey, it is all her work! Mine is soon to come!

Other things to look forward too:
Picture Frames
Cell phone Charms
Candle holders
Crochet goods
We are also going to work on a line of personalized crafts! You will be able to message us what you want and we will do out best to fill your order :)

Please Check out our store Creativity By Ann Rose

With Love,

Sarah and Stacey