Monday, December 14, 2009

A little update!

Hey everyone it’s me Stacey!

I thought I would take the time a do a quick update on what’s going on in life! My boyfriend actually lives about five and a half hours from where I live so I took the Amtrak and I am up at his house now visiting so I haven’t been on much. I arrived her on Saturday around five o'clock and I have already done tons of stuff! As soon as I walked in the door Dans parents friends followed in soon after, I had an engagement party sunday and his mom and I did 6 hours of shopping today! Its been lots of fun :).

Anyway, my sister has been doing a great job keeping up with everything and as you have probably read she has set a record of making 13 pieces in a few hours… eeek when I get home I better get to work! I have finally finished crocheting my long narrow scarf that may be posted soon! I forgot to bring some extra yarn so I may just have to go to Michaels and pick up some yarn or beads!

Here are the two pairs of earrings I made late friday night to get my last Jewelry making time out before coming up here! They will be posted soon hopefully!

(A candle holder I made is in the background! They should be posted soon as well! :))

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Blessings to all!

A Beadtastic Weekend!

Sarah here!

I had a very beadtastic weekend!, Stacey and I went shopping for some supplies on Friday and I got some great stuff. Loads of beads, figuring they would last through the month. Boy was I wrong! I had about 5 hours to myself on Saturdays morning, there wasn't anyone around, and it was very icy out, so I stayed in and made jewelry the ENTIRE time! I have made about 13 new items that will be listed in our store over the next two weeks or so!

I am really starting to love ceramic beads, I was hooked on glass for some time but I just love the look and texture of ceramic, not to mention the variety of hand painted ceramic beads that you can get. I have been doing some online research to try and find the best places to get beads, I am most concerned with variety. With more and more frequent trips to Michael's and A.C. Moore for my beads I am finding that I am seeing the same stuff over and over again, there does not seem to be much of a turn around in these local chain stores. So my online search will continue! Please leave us a comment if you can recommend some online stores!

And remember guys! Our giveaway start this coming Friday! Spread the word!