Saturday, December 5, 2009

New This Week!

Very busy week on our end! but we managed to get 4 new items posted to our store! Check them out!

"Shade Of Gray"
Made By Stacey
Materials: Glass Beads, Cotton String, Silver plated clasp.
"Dark Moon"
Made By Stacey
Materials: Glass Beads, Silver plated beading wire, silver plated Closure.
Made By Sarah
Materials: Glass beads, wood beads, silver plated toggle clasp
"Earth Elegance"
Made By Sarah
Materials: Glass, Ceramic, and silver plated beads with a silver plated toggle clasp!

We also SOLD a couple of Items this week! However, most of our sales have been word of mouth rather then Etsy sales!, We are willing to promote others if anyone is interested in helping getting the word out for us!

I have made quite a few items this week that will be posted in our store, and I know Stacey has been working on some really exciting stuff! I keep telling Stacey to control her ADD (hehe) she has so many ideas spinning around her head, she doesn't know what to do with herself!, I've been doing some idea control! But she just keeps going on and on! its exciting!