Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A short rant!

We've been bad little bloggers :(

After spending all of last weekend, LITERALLY, working on re-vamping our shop we have been al little pooped out! On top of the fact that Stacey and I are full time students, and I work full time! After all of our hard work I can truly say we are having a REALLY great time! nothing like good old arts and crafts to bring sisters together!

Ever since Stacey and I started making greeting cards, I am really starting to love paper crafts! I am researching how to make notebooks and Journals! It is great how one thing can lead to another so fast, especially when you learn about new skills that you never knew you had in the process.

I must say that our biggest struggle so far is time management. I suppose because we are in the beginning stages of our "Etsy career", we have to put more time into it then ever, however I dont ever see it slowing down too much! We are managing, After a lot of trial and error, and organizing I am sure we will figure something out.

This blog post has been a bit of a rant! Please check out our store, and feel free to critique it! we would love some feedback!