Friday, January 29, 2010

Our TOP Picks!

This is our first week doing a "Top Picks" blog. All week, as Stacey and I browse through Etsy, we make a note of things that we really love to share them with all of you!

Sarah's Top Picks:
Large Hobo Slouch Bag in Flying Bird Design with Adjustable Strap which can be found in Nancy's Shop!

Sakura Necklace - rose quartz, Thai fine silver, freshwater pearl, sterling silver that can be found in Kande's Shop!

Stacey's Top Picks:
Single Mat Yoga and Pilates Bag, Anna Maria Horner Cotton Sateen Pink that you can find in leisa stanton's Shop!

Turquoise Sparkle Swarovski Crystal Bracelet in Turquoise, Crystal AB Sterling Silver and Glass that can be found Misa's Shop

An AWESOME Crochet hat that you can find in Tolduso's Shop

We are CONSTANTLY browsing, so we thought this would be nice :)

Seller Of The Week (2/1/10 - 2/5/10)

Want a chance to become seller of the week?!


What to include in your comment:
- Shop link
- Link to item you will like us to use as the picture (optional)

For more information click HERE

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seller and Items of the Week!

Are you a seller?!
Do you need help spreading the word?!
Would you like to be featured from Monday to Friday on our blog?!
Then come and enter!

From now on ever weekend (Friday - Sunday) we will giving all sellers a chance to enter into our weekly seller contest! Once the winner is pick an item from their shop and link will be featured on the left column of this blog from Monday to Friday! To enter each week look for the blog post titles "Seller Of The Week (DATE)" and you will be able to enter there!


Sarah and I find ourselves swooning over different items we find on Etsy, we would end up spending thousands of dollars, eek, DAILY, if we were to buy everything, but why not give some recognition to the makers of the things we love instead? ... With that said, each week Sarah and I will each feature our favorite items that we find on Etsy, and be sure that the seller knows about it!

There is nothing like something homemade and it should be celebrated!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Simple set of 5 cards

Each card has a flower print heart stamped in the right corner with a pink paper heart over it.To the left of the heart on each card will read either "Love, Love always and forever, I Love You, Adore", two say "Love" in different styles, "I Love You" and "All You Need Is Love".

Here are the Details:

The Giveaway starts RIGHT NOW! :) and your last shot to enter will be on January 31st at 11:59 pm. Please leave all entry comments on this blog post.

Ways to enter the giveaway:

- Follow our blog!

- Follow us on twitter and tweet for us! Click here!

- Friend us on Facebook! Click here!

- Become a fan on our fan page! Click here!

- Leave a comment about our store plus another option!

Do two to three of the above! To increase your chances of winning, please do more than is asked!

Example: If you are going to follow our blog and follow us on twitter please write two difference comments

1. "I followed you on twitter and tweeted for you" (with link to prove so)

2. "I followed your blog" (with link to prove so)

That way you have entered twice which increase your chances at the drawing!

Each entry will be given a number in the order that it was received and we will be using to generate the winning number!

The winner will be announced on February 1st! If you do not have a blogger account, and do not want to post your contact information in a comment for all to see, please send us an email ( letting us know which entry was yours! we want to make sure that we can contact the winner!

Pass the word on to everyone!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A HUGE Thank You to Monika!

We would like to thank Monika, the creator of Crochet Creations, an extremely valued customer of ours for being so dedicated to the beginning of our Journey on

In her shop you will find really great Crochet items, Ones that We wish we were able to make!

Personal favorites of ours are her Soap Savers and her Cell/Mobile Phone pouches. You will find both available in many colors and designs!

In her store you will also find marvelous Scarves, Jewelry and Bookmarks!

*** SALE ***

50% OFF on all items before shipping

BONUS gift included

till end of January 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our January Giveaway is exactly a WEEK away!

On January 26th, we will be starting our second giveaway. You will have a chance to enter the giveaway from January 26th - January 30th. Drawings will be done, and the winner will be announced on January 31st. Since Valentines day is coming up our giveaway item will be a box of 5 Valentines Day Cards! We will have the box shipped on the 31st so that they get to the winner in time for the cards to be sent to loved ones.

More giveaway details and a detailed overview and pictures of the set of cards will be posted on our blog on January 26th!

We really appreciated the support that we got during our last giveaway.

With Love,

Creativity By Ann Rose

Monday, January 18, 2010


** 22 ITEMS IN OUR SHOP ARE ON SALE! ** Check out our sale section!
If you pass the word on to others, let us know (comment this blog), and provide where you did so, and we will Facebook and Tweet about your shop!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting to know other sellers

Stacey and I have been so tied up with working on our shop we have not taken time out to get to know other Etsy sellers. I love how kind the Etsy community is, everyone is willing to help. I was initially a little skeptical about reaching out to other sellers with questions because I was unsure of the reaction that I would get. Will they ignore me? will they think I am trying to steal their tips or business from their shop? Soon after reading through the Etsy forums I immediately realized that everyone was there to help one another. It rally made me want to hang out in the forums more, to make friends, and find cool stuff!

I would say about twice a month I find myself in the mall looking for something cool/different/unique to buy. WHAT? how ridiculous does that sound! If we spend more time getting to know sellers we will come across GREAT stuff, and support one another. Next time I want something, I will think twice about going to the mall, I will check out Etsy first. I want to support as many people as I can, and having a shopping problem should make that very easy!

- Sarah

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A short rant!

We've been bad little bloggers :(

After spending all of last weekend, LITERALLY, working on re-vamping our shop we have been al little pooped out! On top of the fact that Stacey and I are full time students, and I work full time! After all of our hard work I can truly say we are having a REALLY great time! nothing like good old arts and crafts to bring sisters together!

Ever since Stacey and I started making greeting cards, I am really starting to love paper crafts! I am researching how to make notebooks and Journals! It is great how one thing can lead to another so fast, especially when you learn about new skills that you never knew you had in the process.

I must say that our biggest struggle so far is time management. I suppose because we are in the beginning stages of our "Etsy career", we have to put more time into it then ever, however I dont ever see it slowing down too much! We are managing, After a lot of trial and error, and organizing I am sure we will figure something out.

This blog post has been a bit of a rant! Please check out our store, and feel free to critique it! we would love some feedback!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HUGE Sale!!

Everyone come check it out!
Up to $8 off an item!
Here are some of the items!

Regular price: $12
Sale price: $8
$4 OFF

Regular price: $8
Sale price: $6
$2 OFF

Regular price: $18
Sale price: $10

Regular price: $24
Sale price: $20

Along with the great sales Sarah and I are making some changes to our shop!
We will keep you all updated!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Very, Productive, and snowy, Weekend!

Sarah here!,

Stacey and I have had a very productive, and snowy weekend. We had plans for Stacey to come up to my house and spend the weekend so we can work on our greeting cards and Valentines Day stuff but her getting 5 teeth pulled at once sort of put a damper on that! The fact that it snowed all weekend did not help. I finally got to go and spend the day with her at her house to work, and boy did we get a lot done!

Here are some of the cards we posted in our STORE:

If you are interested in purchasing some greeting cards the deal is this:

Each card is priced between $1.50 and $2.50 But, if you choose to buy a set of 5 or 10 each cards, each card is marked down to $1.25 AND the good news is you can pick from ANY of our cards to put in your set! There are directions in each card description, and on the front page of our store on how to purchase a set!

With Love,


Friday, January 1, 2010



(Rose, we will be contacting you via email for shipping information)
Thank You to all that have participated in our giveaway!, There will be another giveaway starting Monday January 25th! We will update you on the details later this month!

New This Week!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stacey and I are spending the weekend together to build up inventory!, Lots of new stuff will be listed beginning Sunday!

For now, New items this week:


Made By: Stacey
Made By: Sarah
Made By: Stacey
Made By: Stacey
Made By: Sarah
Made By: Sarah

Made By: Sarah
Made By:Sarah

***Our GIVEAWAY WINNER will be announced around noon today!! ***