Monday, December 7, 2009

The best part about buying something homemade....

Is knowing a little about who made what you bought! When you walk into a store, and see something that you like, you rarely think past the fact that the item is pretty, neat, cool, well thought out... etc. Do you ever think about where the item you are purchasing came from? I am not talking about which country it came from, did someone actually make it? did a machine make it? was any care, love and thought put into the item at all? Ever since I started making my own jewelry, I am far more proud to wear something I or my sister made then something I bought at a store because I know the time that was put into it. Then I thought, is this just because I or someone I love made it? and the answer is no. When you buy or receive something that is homemade you have a better time picturing the time that someone took to actually make it. I am sure there are many things that we buy in stores that people actually physically make, but we never ever get to know for sure. The appreciation and value of something homemade is far greater then that of something at perhaps a higher monetary value bought in a store.

So Stacey and I decided that we are going to do our best to let our customers know about us!, We will be posting Bio's and frequent updates on our lives in this blog! We feel it is extremely important for our viewers, and customers to know more about us then just the fact that we enjoy making jewelry! I (Sarah) Will begin by posting my Bio tomorrow!